Белорусская организация Эншин каратэ

Открытый Евразийский чемпионат по Ашихара каратэ пройдет с 24 по 26 апреля в Венгрии.



2015. April 24-26.


Organized by:                       Kisdunamenti Ashihara Karate Assosiation

(Dragon Force Team Hungary Dunaharaszti)


Aim of the tournament:       to give a possibility for the competition of invited European and Asian Ashihara karatekas, all members of the Hungarian Ashihara Association and also invite other karate styles,

to make Ashihara karate popular and to strengthen sport friendship.


Date of tournament:            24-26.  April 2015.


Place of tournament:            Hungary, Szigetszentmiklós Szebeni street 81.


Programme:                          24. April


16.00. – 18.00.           Registration

Weight control
for competitors

20.00                           Dinner


25. April


                                               08.00. – 10.00.           KATA competitions for every categories

                                               10.00.-   20.00            KUMITE  competitions for every categories

                                               22.00                          Dinner, Party


26. April                                Breakfast

                                                                                  Date of departure


 Events:  1. Ashihara Karate Kumite                                                                                                      

               2. Ashihara Karate KATA                                                                                                                    

               3. Full Contact Kumite with 10 oz. gloves (only for adult men)


Ashihara Kumite Categories:        

            Child  I.                      6-7 years old

            Child  II.                     8-9 years old

            Child III.                    10-11 years old


            Junior I                      12-13 years old

            Junior II.                   14-15 years old

            Junior  III.                 16-17 years old


            Adult                         over 18 years

            Senior                        over 35 years


 Adult man “A” or “B” category

„B” category under 4 Kyu (white, yellow and blue belts).

4th Kyu belongs to Category „A”.

There is also the possibility to enter into category „A” with lower Kyu grading.

But above 4th Kyu the competitor must enter into category „A”.

Please provide a sign „A” or „B” category on the entry forms for adult men.


Weight categories:                  

                                               ChildI. man:             -25 kg, +25 kg

                                               ChildI. woman:         -25 kg, +25 kg


                                               Child II man:             -30 kg, -35 kg, -40 kg, +40 kg

                                               Child II. woman:        -30 kg, +30 kg


                                               Child III. man:           -35 kg,  -43 kg, -50 kg, +50 kg

                                               Child III. woman:      -40 kg, +40 kg


                                               Junior I. man:             -40 kg, -50 kg, -60 kg, +60 kg

                                               JuniorI. woman:        -48 kg, +48 kg


                                               Junior II. man:            -55 kg, -65 kg, -75 kg, +75 kg

                                               Junior II. woman:       -55 kg, +55 kg


                                               Junior III. man:           -65 kg, -75 kg,  -85 kg, +85 kg

                                               Junior III. woman:       -60 kg, +60 kg



 Adult man “A” or “B” category          -65 kg, -75 kg, -85 kg, +85 kg

 Adult woman category:                        -60 kg, +60 kg

  Senior man category (over 35 years):  -80 kg, +80 kg


The Organizer of the competition keeps the rights of contracting or separating the categories in case of having only a few competitors in one category or being too big difference in weight. The competitors will be informed from the changes in categories ahead.


Duration                    Child I-II-III. categories        1 x 1 minute,

of fight:                     30 seconds  extra time


Junior I-II. category               1 x 1.5  minutes,

                                           1 minute extra time


Junior III. category                 1 x 2 minutes,

                                            1 minute extra time


Adult man categories             1 x 3 minutes,

                                         1 minute extra time


Adult woman and senior man categories:     1 x 2 minutes,

                                                            1 minute extra time


Protectors:                 Child I-II-III

Safety helmet, shin protector, body protector, suspensor for boys


Junior categories:

Safety helmet, shin protector, suspensor for boys, pad for girls, gloves   


Adult and Senior man categories:

Shin protector, teeth protector, suspensor for men, and pad for women  

 Up to 5 competitors there is a round fight. If there are more than 5 competitors in a weight category than they will be divided into further groups depending on the number of participants and there will be a round fight in their group. From each group the first two qualify into the semi-final or final. The winners of semi-final’s round will fight for the first and second place. The fighters who are the second in the semi-final will fight for the third place. There is only one third place.


Rules of Ashihara KUMITE; 


New NIKO Rules


Ashihara KATA categories:           Child I.                      10-11

                                                  Child II.                    12-13

                                                  Junior I.                     14-15

                                                  Junior  II.                  16-17

Adult                        over 18 years

  KATA event:            Child I. - II. categories:

Two katas have to be performed chosen free from the list below.

Kumite 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


Junior  I.- II. and adults categories:

There are one free and one compulsory katas which should be performed.

Thecompulsory kata must be drawn out by the competitor from the list given below.

                                   Kumite  2,3,4,5              

In KATA competition there are 5 referees giving points from 1 to 10. The highest and the lowest points are removed, the other 3 points are added and the result of these determines the final points. The points given for the free chosen and compulsory katas are also added. The winner of the category is who has the highest points. The compulsory kata in JuniorI. – II. and in adult categories must be drawn out and have to be be performed. The free chosen kata in JuniorI. – II. and in adult categories can be anything not only kumite katas but Kihon, Shosin, Jissen, Nage, Kumite what the competitor likes and prefers.

 The Organizer of the competition keeps the rights of contracting or separating the categories in case of having only a few competitors in one category by kata competition too.


Full Contact Kumite: only for adult men.

The fight is taking place 10 oz gloves (boksz gloves).

The whole body and head is attackable to full strength punches and kicks.

It is allowed to grab for 3 seconds.

Groundings are also allowed with the exception of throwing. All Ashihara techniques e.g. maki komenage, uranage, asi barai are allowed.

Holding the head and the scruff is allowed with one hand for one technique.

Holding the face during grounding is forbidden.

The system of penalties and points in this event is the same as the Ashihara fight.

Wazari (3 points) get the competitor if the opponent dizzy a punch or a kick technique, but he can continue the fight.

Ippon (6 points) get the rider if he hit KO to the opponent.

You receive WAZARI (3 points) for all successful and regular groundings which are finished in proper manner (punch or kick the body on the ground in a way of semi contact) and in good rhythm.

The system of penalties remains in three punishable categories.

Protective equipment: 10 oz gloves, mouth guard, shinguards, suspensor

Forbidden Techniques: Elbow attack to the head, throat, groin, knee, spine, joints attack.

Fight Time: 1x3 min  + 1 minute overtime.

Full Contact Kumite weight groups:  -80 kg, +80 kg


Entry fee:  160 Euro / per person (for competitors, judges, referees, supporters)

The sum contains: entry fee, accommodation for two nights with two breakfasts, two dinners, and participation on Sayonara party, transfer.

There is no extra branch fee.

60 Euro must be transferred by each participant to the following bank account until 01. April 2015:

Entry fee without accommodation, meals and transfer is 80 EUR/person

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